Your Athens Georgia Home Inspector

Home ownership is one of the greatest privileges we enjoy. Things have changed over time but the idea that ”your home is your castle” has not. Your home is an extension of yourself. We fill it with the things we love, from furnishing and art to loved ones. Our, home over time, reflects to the world who we are.

Our homes are expensive and diverse. We now take for granted central heating and air, indoor plumbing, electricity and the list goes on. There is a space for almost each activity we partake in. We want our abode to sit still and not leak water, wind, cold or heat. All the while we want it to fling open in an instant too enjoy the out doors. Next, we want each structure to be unique from the one next door. Lets not forget we want it to accommodate, our cars, pets, sports, and occasional overloading of guest. Now, make it perfect and we will be satisfied.

There are no perfect houses, new or used. There is always something wrong and things we want to alter. But the bottom line is that we do not want to get caught off guard and make an expensive mistake. Hence, we want someone knowable and independent to review how each component is functioning. Someone to put the problems into perspective, in terms of degree of difficulty and exposure to expense. Your dream home can still be beautiful with known flaws. Just don't allow your emotions to push you too turn a blind eye to a major problem.

Let Mike Martin be your Athens GA Home Inspector

Testimonial from Warner Bros Realty

I have known Michael J. Martin for approximately seven years.  The relationship has been one of a professional nature with Michael performing structural inspections on properties with which I have been involved as a Real Estate Appraiser and Salesperson.

I have also appraised houses which were constructed by Michael.  The qualifications and professionalism of Michael J. Martin have always been very satisfactory.

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